Special Bulletin May 2020

the corona pandemic is forcing the project Vacation from War to change plans for this year. In the past few weeks, it has become clear that we have to go different ways in 2020: both the dialogue seminars for Israelis and Palestinians in Germany and the big Youth Encounter for young people from the countries […]

Spring Bulletin – Call for Donations 2020

Dear sponsors and supporters, already at the end of February, German media reported on the events in Bosnia-Herzegovina which fuel fears of a new war among the population: Milorad Dodik, Serbian member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina State Presidency and President of the Republic of Srpska, called into question the state of Bosnia-Herzegovina; he did not accept […]

Autumn Bulletin 2019

While the participants in the dialogue seminars try to take the perspectives of the „Others“ and together look for strategies of conflict transformation, politicians like the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, through announcing the annexation of the Jordan Valley in case he wins the election, continue a spiral of violence; and conflict resolution seems in the […]